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The haunting scream echoed over the deep, hypnotic waves like the dying cry of a banshee. Adriana glanced quickly toward the distant horizon. Surely it wasn't real; it was only a trick of the wind. Then she heard the scream again.

Adriana Santos is a fearless and idealistic young officer on the beach patrol. One night, she hears a desperate cry and unknowingly interrupts the sale of a young Mexican girl into sexual slavery. Travis Miller, a nearby fisherman, helps her but then he flees the scene. Adriana later learns more and volunteers to go undercover and help break up the human trafficking ring. Then the mission is complicated by another predator who focuses on the same group of victims. The vicious serial killer called “Juan the Ripper” is stalking the dark streets of central Texas and murdering young Mexican prostitutes.


She and her partner Johnny Riley travel to Corpus Christi. Two days later, Adriana is kidnapped by Travis and Johnny is left for dead. She struggles to establish a working relationship with Travis. They both feel a strong mutual attraction for each other, but they fight against it because of moral and ethical differences. In her quest to help the girls that are held captive, Adriana tries to change things from inside the operation. But the changes get her and Travis into serious trouble with their ruthless boss. Despite their disagreements, they must learn to work together and survive.

Adriana gets sucked into the dangerous world of sexual slavery and BDSM. They face several tough challenges and confrontations. Lives hang in the balance as she fights to take control of the situation, protect the girls, and determine her own future. 

An intense, steamy thriller set in the brutal world of human trafficking. Gritty and realistic, but definitely not for the faint of heart. Five-Star review

A twisted erotic story about love and revenge in the dark corners of the world.

The Lakeland Literary Club

Curl up tight, Take Me will keep you up all night with the lights on.

Texas Undercover

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