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I've written several books and some of them have now been published. The ones below are the most fun to read, so I hope you will buy a copy and enjoy it. Some have a little more romance or a little more supernatural stuff, but all of them have a lot of excitement and humor. I call them funny paranormal mysteries with a hot Latin flavor.

Trouble Brewing

Candelaria Rios seems to be a magnet for trouble. Candi is a young accountant

who lands her first good job, but then she learns that the man who hired her has just been murdered. She finds herself in the middle of a tangled web of deceit and danger. While trying to figure it out, Candi meets a mysterious man named Rico.  He is handsome and polite, but underneath there is a hard edge and a lot more secrets. They stumble upon a very complicated scheme involving drug smuggling, embezzlement, and blackmail. Candi and Rico join forces and work together to follow the money and unmask the killer while finding true love along the way.

Trouble Stirring

​Candelaria Rios is a magnet for trouble. She lands a great job as a plant accountant and finds herself in the middle of a nightmare. An invisible evil has been unleashed on an unsuspecting community. People are disappearing and rumors are running rampant. Is it a serial killer? A wild Chupacabra? The Loch Ness Monster? No one seems to have the answers, but the action seems to swirl around the controversial Cancion Chemical plant. This time Candi has stumbled into a place where terrorism, ambition, greed, and revenge all provide excuses for murder and mayhem. Now she must figure it all out and put an end to the madness to avoid becoming the next victim.

Trouble Rising

New passions awaken old evils, and the construction of a modern hotel and casino on old tribal land has stirred up the restless spirit of a massacred Indian maiden. Candi Rios is a magnet for trouble and sensitivity to the supernatural compels her to seek out the answers to the perplexing mysteries that plague the new venture. As a smart young accountant, Candi struggles to sort out the complexities of the business while caught up in the emotional turmoil of the unseen forces at work.  With Rico and her quirky friends, she investigates all the strange deaths and disappearances in the area, uncovering more evidence of money laundering, embezzlement, and even murder. Others cross her path and make things more difficult, including a psychotic personnel manager, Colombian drug dealers, Elvis Blue and the ghost hunters, and even Godzilla.

Blood Red Moon

It was a Friday night in New Orleans, and there were two things you could always count on. Someone was going to have gumbo for dinner, and somebody was going to die. That was just life in the Voodoo City.

Diana Miranda is a young medic fresh out of the army and anxious to establish a new life. She is assigned to an emergency response drill at a chemical plant near New Orleans. A man suddenly screams and is engulfed in a fiery explosion. She responds, but it's too late. There is nothing left but a pile of charred bones. Diana begins a quest to uncover the grisly truth and bring a diabolical killer to justice. It leads her through the dark underbelly of New Orleans, a world filled with myths, legends, and bizarre lifestyles like no one can imagine. Things that are unbelievable to the rest of the world are now lurking in the shadows. Diana must fight to bring this ugly reality to light and withstand the deadly evil it reveals.

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